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3rd edition of the Conference on Science and Gastronomy

Jornadas Ciencia y Gastronomía

Third edition of the Conference on Science and Gastronomy organized by  Facyre and Le Cordon Bleu. Another year, different chefs and professionals will meet to talk about it.

The event will be held on the 12th and 13th of September at the University Francisco de Vitoria, a reputed academic institution that celebrates its 25th anniversary this one year.

Facyre intends to continue its commitment to a specialized education, with quality and values that promote real pluralism, with the aim of creating a community of students with critical capacity.

“From lab to Dish”, the slogan under which these Science and Gastronomy Days will be held, aimed at professionals, students, media and all those who are related to the sector.

III Jornadas Ciencia y Gastronomía

III Conference on Science and Gastronomy

For them, there will be different workshops and presentations that will be given by professionals in the sector, in the field of science and hospitality.

Two days to enjoy, learn, share and exchange opinions, which will begin on Tuesday 12th at 10AM, with the inauguration by the hand of Rafael Anson, President of the RAG and Mario Sandoval, President of Facyre

After a morning full of interesting lectures, where we will talk about “The maturation of meat” by Rafa Martínez, Chef de Can Xurrades and Makro; Ulpiano J. Vázquez, PhD in Gastronomy and Marketing Manager Le Cordon Bleu will explain “The impact of science and technology on gastronomy” among others.

What better way to end the morning than with a cocktail, which lasts until four in the afternoon, when the different workshops will start. Workshops in which they will talk about Molecular Cooking, Gastroleum Method, Harmony of the Extra Virgin, Wine tasting, Tasting sensorial among other subjects.

Workshops, III Conference on Science and Gastronomy

Quesería La Antigua will be present in the different workshops, with “The 7 Flavors of Cheese” a workshop with which we intend to spread our culture of sheep cheese. We consider that it is necessary to value a product like ours, since it is not given the importance it really has.

In this course, we want to show how the flavor of the same cheese varies depending on the cut. Different flavor, texture, nuances that are appreciated in the mouth. It is true, that there’s no accounting for taste and is that there is nothing written, but it never hurts to know how to see different tastes or to appreciate the cheese we are tasting.

7 Flavors of Cheese, III Conference on Science and Gastronomy

7 Flavors of Cheese, III Conference on Science and Gastronomy

But that is not all, on Wednesday 13th the Science and Gastronomy conference continues, two of the presentations that will be held that day are; Óscar Picazo, dietitian and nutritionist, head of health projects at Mapfre Foundation will address the theme “Cooking made us humans”.

Diana Roig, head of nutrition Unilever Spain, will discuss a very interesting topic, “Dismantling false myths: mayonnaise and cold sauces in a varied and balanced diet”.

To dismiss the third edition of Science and Gastronomy Conference, we will have goodbye speech by the Director of the Degree in Gastronomy UFV, Isolino Pazos and Rosario Barros, General Manager Le Cordon Bleu Madrid.

III Conference on Science and Gastronomy – Program

Maybe you are wondering, “what do I have to do to be able to attend?” Well it is very simple, since this event is free, you just have to send an email of registration to the following email address: info@facyre.com

We will be attending! See you there!

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Dedicados a la elaboración de quesos con leche cruda de oveja, fabricamos todos nuestros quesos de forma artesanal, con el mimo y cuidado de antaño.

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