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Alimentaria 2020, what awaits us?

Alimentaria 2020, what awaits us?1

It seems that it was yesterday when we went to Alimentaria 2018 and we already began to know things about what Alimentaria 2020 will bring us in a few months.

Without a doubt, this is one of the food fairs by excellence in Spain, and of course we will not miss it.

We still remember when Alimentaria 2018 ended and we went out the door and saw the announcement of the date of Alimentaria 2020, it seemed so far away! But the truth is that it is already around the corner, and as you can imagine, we can´t get it out of our heads.

A few months after Fira Barcelona, ​​we are already discovering some details about what we will find at Alimentaria. The doors will be opened on April 20th  and this time the largest pavilion will be occupied by Intercarn.

In fact, it will occupy 20% more space compared to last year´s edition and in this area alone we will be able to find more than 600 exhibiting companies, including some from Germany, Romania, Latin America and the US.

Alimentaria 2020, what awaits us?3

Alimentaria Food Fair is a very well known all over the world and in every edition it is being renewed and adapted to the new trends and needs of the moment.

At Alimentaria 2020 a new concept will be presented that seeks to strengthen the business of each sector and facilitate cross-cutting synergies.

For all this, the fair will be distributed in 10 rooms, among which we can find: Interlac, Intercarn, Alimentaria Trends, Mediterranean Foods, Lands of Spain; among others.

Alimentaria 2020, what awaits us?

If in 2018 we were already more than 4500 companies that we met there, you can not imagine what awaits you in Alimentaria 2020. What we do know is that the Summum that we will be presenting will leave you speechless.

You know that for us it is a very important date, since that is when we present our “Spoiled cheese”. That special design that goes through many designers, sketches, dreams and nightmares for two years.

Alimentaria 2020, what awaits us?2

¿Summum 2020?

So, Alimentaria 2020 is in only 9 months, and it is where we will be presenting many surprises and as expected, this will be happening at Alimentaria Premium.

Are you ready for what is coming?

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