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And that was the NGA Show

And that was the NGA Show

Have you ever had that feeling of satisfaction went things went good? Well, that’s how we feel after what we experienced on the NGA Show. What a fair!

We are not going to lie to you, we are still a little bit with jet lag, but the truth is that those 12 hours of plane, the time difference and the millions of sensations that pass through our body, have not let us rest much.

And that was the NGA Show 3

NGA Show 2019

To be able to go all the way to California with our cheeses and show them to importers, potential clients and friends made this trip short. Just like when you wake up from a dream and you do not know if what you have dreamed was real or not.

We don´t even have to say that not everything has been easy, with the procedures that we have to do when you go on a personal trip, imagine for a food fair, way more. We have had some inconvenience, but we still figured it out to get the best out of it, which is what counts.

And that was the NGA Show 2

Our Stand

NGA Show, a fair so big that hundreds and hundreds of people passed every day around the venue. The stands were modest, but what really mattered was that all those who came to see us, could taste our cheese, and they did!

They have been 4 intense days, but of which we got a good taste, and not only for the cheese, especially because not every day we got to travel to San Diego to bring a bit more tradition and culture of cheese with our products.

And that was the NGA Show 1

NGA Show San Diego

Now we just have to value everything we have achieved, work what we call the post-fair and not losing contact with all those who have left the NGA Show in love with our cheese.

After doing the laundry and after unpacking the suitcase, we only can think about the next fair, which its in a few months from now, time flies and in less than we think we are heading to the the airport again.

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