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Who we are

Devoted to the production of raw sheep milk cheese, we manufacture all our products in the traditional way, with the care and dedication of the old days.

Strictness in the selection of the raw material, experience in the implementation of new technologies in our manufacturing processes,  allowing enough time for maturation, and our daily efforts to improve, are focused on a single purpose: to be able to always offer high-quality sheep milk cheese.

Our factory

In the past, shepherds not only ensured that their flocks had enough pasture to produce quality milk, but they also dedicated body and soul to watching over them, caring for them and protecting them to the point where they would sleep in the open countryside, close to the flock, like zealous custodians of their treasure.

This is why we would like to pay homage with our cheeses to the five generations of shepherds in our family.

Quality and safety

Careful selection of grazing livestock from local and regional flocks. We use raw sheep’s milk to achieve a great richness of aromas, a pure flavour and a delicate texture. With a natural rind washed in olive oil, each unit is repeatedly turned and allowed a lengthy ripening period in optimum environmental conditions to provide our cheeses with the highest levels of quality.


The prestige of sheep’s milk

GESTIÓN AGRO GANADERA S.L., a company present in the sheep dairy sector since 1994, launched a new business line at the end of 2002, devoted to the artisanal production of top-quality SHEEP MILK CHEESE.

This involved the entire rehabilitation of an old and prestigious factory located in Fuentesaúco, in the province of Zamora, where the most famous regional cheeses are produced, under the trade name QUESERÍA LA ANTIGUA DE FUENTESAÚCO. Exclusively devoted to the production of raw sheep’s milk, all our cheeses are made following traditional methods, with the care and dedication of the old days, in a factory equipped with leading-edge technology, always preserving the traditional methods of our ancestors.

The BRC GLOBAL STANDARD FOOD Issue 4; January 2005 Quality Control System, the leading international standard, was implemented in November 2007. Additionally, the INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD (IFS) Issue 4, January 2004 Quality Control System Audit was carried out at the end of January 2008. Both certifications were issued by LLOYD´S REGISTER QUALITY ASSURANCE LIMITED. Through the implementation of these two Quality Certifications, we are ready to meet the highest food safety and control requirements at both national and international levels, and we can now say that, in this aspect, we are a leading company within the national dairy sector.


Milk selection

Our exclusive and well-cared for livestock allows us to produce fresh, pure, natural, intact and alive milk, with its own exceptional and natural microflora, which is an exclusive result of the healthy environment of our fields.

Made from raw sheep’s milk

Free from antiseptics and preservatives, and not heat treated, it maintains its condition of alive milk at all times, so that all the elements that naturally exist in its original composition (protein, fat, minerals …) are actively present in the complex processes of coagulation, fermentation and ripening.


Rind washed in top-quality olive oil

No mould prevention products or plastic coatings are used. Where appropriate, the rind is lightly brushed and washed in olive oil.


Finally, the repeated turning of each cheese and meticulous and lengthy ripening periods in optimal environmental conditions plays a key role in the production of our highest quality cheeses.

Ctra. Salamanca, 32, 49400 Fuentesaúco, Zamora, Spain
Contact +34 980 600 509