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International Cheese & Dairy Awards


We can not wait to tell you that we have received two new medals at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards. Do you want to know what they are?

This week, exactly on Tuesday and Wednesday, this important international contest has taken place in Nantwich.

As you already know, we are betting on products with clean labels and without any additives. Consumer´s habits are changing and companies have to adapt themselves to those habits, betting on new products and working around new trends.


We got two medals at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, one for our Lactose-free Candidum Sheep Cheese and another one for our Lactose-free Cheese with Quinoa. Two of our most recent references, suitable for lactose intolerants that, without a doubt, are giving us many joys.

Candidum Lactose-free Cheese is a semi-cured cheese made from pasteurized sheep’s milk, and to which during its maturation the penicilium mold has been added. This is the reason why in its bark we can see a small white layer of mold, which makes it so special and gives it a different flavor.

International Cheese & Dairy Awards2

Candidum Lactose-free Cheese

On the other hand, the Quinoa Cheese without Lactose is made with pasteurized sheep milk and has a maturation of approximately 35 days, so it is semi-cured. The quinoa, which is very current among all those who practice #realfooding, is a great source of protein and fiber.

Why are our medals so important to us? It is already a great honor to get a medal at the International Cheese & Dairy Awards, but we have to tell you that they have been in a special category for us: Cheeses with health benefits.

International Cheese & Dairy Awards2

Quinoa Cheese without Lactose

For all this you can imagine that this is a great satisfaction, since it makes us feel that we are on the right path. That our products are chosen as healthy and beneficial for health are major words. And because of that we can only keep our head up and keep working to surprise you day by day.

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