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And this is how Madrid Fusion 2017 went for us

Madrid Fusión

Madrid Fusión 2017 started last monday and Quesería La Antigua was there. We had the need to bring our sheep cheese to chefs and different gastronomy lovers.

We started on Monday 23rd, just like last year with our colleagues from Facyre and Saborea Spain. All prepared so that they could taste and enjoy our sheep cheeses.

This year, we wanted to pay special attention to the quality of our product, so then those who passed by our stand would remember our cheese.

Madrid Fusión

Madrid Fusión

That is why we made guided tastings; we prepared a table of the finest cheeses we have and furthermore, our professional cutter explained how and why we cut each of our cheeses in a certain way.

The variety of cheese that was on this table was chosen by the visitor, as not everyone was interested in the same cheeses.

In this trade fair we wanted to emphasize and give importance to our new range of Cheese without Lactose, as you know, the number of people intolerant to lactose is increasing every day.

Tabla de Queso La Antigua

Cheese Table La Antigua

As you probably guessed, we had a little surprise for our guests. We love to cook and even more so if we do it with our cheese.

Because cheese is a product with which you can make delicious recipes, it can be a starter, a dessert or a tapa.

Raquel (Our professional cutter) made two tapas with our sheep cheese. The first was a cream of aged cheese, with roasted pepper and fried almonds.

Tapa de Crema de Queso Añejo

Cream of aged cheese Tapa

The second tapa that Raquel made was a salad, which had walnuts, strawberry, honey vinaigrette and sweet cheese with pink pepper without lactose.

Two delicious tapas, which did not leave anyone indifferent, not even those chefs who came by our stand and were able to taste them.

As you can see, Madrid Fusion was a very busy Fair trade for us… but before we say goodbye we have to mention that we marinated our cheese flowers with edible paper by Firo Vázquez. Such a succulent tapa! Everyone wanted to repeat.

Flores de Queso con Papel comestible, Firo Vázquez

Cheese Flowers with Edible Paper by Firo Vázquez

Until the next Madrid Fusion!

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About La Antigua

Dedicados a la elaboración de quesos con leche cruda de oveja, fabricamos todos nuestros quesos de forma artesanal, con el mimo y cuidado de antaño.

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