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The Winter Fancy Food is about to start!

The Winter Fancy Food is about to start!

January arrives, and with it, the fairs and gastronomic events begin all over the world. In a few days, exactly on January 13th, a new edition of the Winter Fancy Food will begin. You already know that Fancy Food has two main events every year, the Winter Fancy Food and the Summer Fancy Food.

The Winter Fancy Food will take place in San Francisco on the 13th, 14th and 15th of January, at the Moscone Center, celebrating its 44th edition.

During these three days, if you attend the fair, you can visit more than 1400 exhibitors that will meet there to create synergies, discover new products and participate in the different events that take place in it.

The Winter Fancy Food is about to start! 1

Within these activities, we can find:

The educational program. A series of lectures and presentations by leaders from different fields that address the latest trends, innovations and the food business.

Another activity that will be held there, will be the competition of different exhibitors, in front of an expert jury, where they will present their innovative products.

In the Incubator Village. We can discover those companies that help small food companies to start their own business. There are 7 companies in this area that have helped more than 41 companies to grow or launch new products

The Winter Fancy Food is about to start! 2

The future of food. Have the opportunity to know how the trends of sustainability and biodiversity in the way food is grown will influence what we see on the shelves and menus of the stores of the future.

If you are interested in participating, you can still ask for your accreditation here, and enjoy a few days in which the food sector, is nourished and learns from the different exhibitors.

The time to go to the venue is from 10AM to 5PM on Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday 15th the schedule will be from 10AM to 4PM.

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