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Our Cheese

Find out our range of cheese, for any taste, you’ll be amazed..

Dedicated to elaborate raw sheep milk cheese, we produce all our cheese in a traditional way, with absolute care as in the past.

A strict selection of the raw material, the experience in the production with the use of technological progress, the fact of leaving enough time for its aging, and our daily effort to improve ourselves, with a unique purpose: to offer you high quality products.

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In former times, not only did shepherds make sure that its sheep flocks had enough pasture to produce quality milk, but also they committed themselves to them in body and soul, taking care of them, protecting them, even spending nights out in the field, by the flock, just like jealous guardians of their treasure.

The only protection they had were the stars ploughing through the firmament and they were the only witness of their loneliness and worries.

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Some of the main characteristics of our cheese are:

  • A looked after and selected cattle from the local and regional stocks that are shepherded, which results in top quality milk.
  • Elaboration with raw sheep milk to obtain, in the finished product, a great richness in aromas, flavour purity and a soft texture.
  • Natural rind covered with olive oil..
  • Each piece is continuously turned over, and the aging is supervised and prolonged in ideal environmental conditions in order to obtain top quality cheese.

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During these few years in which the cheese factory has existed, we have already achieved different and prestigious prizes at an international level and also awards for our work, although the most important one to us is that every day our customers trust our cheese.

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