Bifidus Campoestrella Sheep Cheese

Cheese made from sheep pasteurized milk. During its making, Bifidobacteria were added to the milk, known for its countless health benefits, among others, for its important work during digestion

It has a rind with the drawing of the mould well marked and defined; it is hard and green thanks to the chlorophyll pigment. Esparto grass marked on its natural rind. The mass is firm, showing small-medium sized eyes, scattered throughtout it. Its colour is white, it presents buttery and very soluble texture on the palate, making it suitable for all tastes. The aromas are medium intensity, with a slght acidity.

Ripening between 7 and 35 days

Approximate Weight: 3,400 kg.

Dimensions: 22 cm. diameter x 12 cm. height

Product Code: C11

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