Matured Vellón de Fuentesaúco Sheep Cheese

VELLÓN DE FUENTESAUCO MATURED ZAMORANO CHEESE DENOMINATION OF ORIGIN, made in an artisanal way with raw milk from Churra and Castellana sheep, pure and indigenous breeds from Zamora province, having dairy aptitude and very remarkable quality levels recognised.

Esparto grass marked on its natural rind, soaked with olive oil during its maturation. Hard rind, ivory coloured, well marked and defined mould. The mass is very buttery, ivory-white in colour and may present small sized eyes, distributed evenly throughout it. It has genuine aromas and flavours, characteristic of sheep raw milk, well developed and persistent on the palate. You can appreciate smelling and tasting features in which lactic flavours (fesh milk, curd, butter ...), vegetables (freshly cut grass, hay ...), etc. may be shown thanks to the traditional system of grazing

Ripening between 3, 5 and 6 months

Approximate Weight: 3,000 kg.

Dimensions: 22 cm. diameter x 12 cm. height

Product Code: V31

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